I am Marc Roegiers. I was born and raised in Marin County. I now am raising my family
here. I have an eclectic past (glazing, cooking, antique selling, air traffic controlling, small
business owning) which helps me to relate to my many customers. For you, the important
part is that I bought my first computer in 1978 and I’ve been ‘geeking’ out ever since. I have
worked in many aspects of the computer world. I’ve created software for engineers, robots
for construction workers, software to teach and entertain children, written VRML world
builders (showing my geek here), managed groups of programmers and artists, and I’ve been
a high level executive in a few big software companies. I also spent some time working in
the photo space online. After all of that, I found that what I really like to do is play with (read
work on) computers. I am very personable, knowledgeable and I enjoy my work. So if you are
looking for someone to help you out with your computer needs, please feel free to call me.